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Steph's Intense Life

These are the intense stories about Steph.

14 June 1984
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"My name is Steph Hohmann and I am 20 years of age. I am currently enrolled in my third year at SC4. Major is as of yet undecided, but English is looking good. My classes this semster are Religions of the World, Fundamentals of Acting, Modern Short Story and Literary Criticism. I work at Jets Pizza on 24th street. Someday I hope to be writing professionally, whether it be screenplays, novels or comics. I'm doing some acting lately too, and some improv. I'm gonna see where they take me." Stephen Hohmann, 2003
28 days later, 80's movies, acting, action figures, alan moore, almost famous, amazing spiderman, animation, barnes and nobles, batman, beetlejuice, bill murray, blind guardian, botanas, british literature, cameron crowe, chasing amy, chick flicks, christmas, clerks, comics, constantine, creative writing, crushing, dark tower, david herman, degrassi, disney channel, doctor faustus, donnie darko, dragonball z, drama, dungeons and dragons, dvds, ebay, even stevens, evil dead, exiles, felicity, filmmaking, final fantasy, final fantasy tactics advance, final fantasy vii, flash animation, friends, futurama, garage sales, garden state, ghostbusters, good times, gunslinger, harry potter, hellblazer, hellboy, improv, ishmael, it, journey, ka, ka-tet, kevin smith, labyrinth, lord of the rings, lost boys, lyrics, macromedia flash, mad tv, matrix, mean girls, metroid, movies, mp3s, mst3k, music, mystery science theater 3000, natalie portman, new years eve, newgrounds, no doubt, paradise lost, peter jackson, plays, poetry, prisoner of azkaban, prose, reading, rpgs, saturday night live, say anything, silverchair, sin city, smashing pumpkins, spider-man, star wars, stephen king, steve martin, super mario bros., super mario rpg, super metroid, supertramp, swimming, teddy ruxpin, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the monkees, thinking, thousand foot krutch, transformers, ultimate spider-man, uncanny x-men, vanilla sky, warcraft, watchmen, women, world of warcraft, writing, y the last man, yes, zelda